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Terminology Of Fasteners

Apr. 12, 2019

Here is Asme Hex Nuts Manufacturer talking about Comparison of Terminology of fasteners.

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Resolution: The smallest interval that can be resolved between two adjacent discrete quantities.

Error: The difference between a calculated value, an observed value, or an actual value and a true value, a given value, or a theoretical value.

Servo: This is a servo system in which the controlled amount is the derivative of the mechanical position or mechanical position versus time.

Magnification: A manual control function that allows the operator to modify the programmed value of the speed (eg, feed rate, spindle speed, etc.) during machining.

Process Order: A table of parts processing prepared for the part before the machining process.

Subprogram: A part of a machining program that can be activated by an appropriate machining control command.

Fixed cycle: Some preset operation commands, according to which the lathe coordinate sleeve is moved and the main sleeve is operated to complete the fixed machining action. For example, drilling, boring, tapping, and the combined action of these processes.


Tool length offset: In the direction of the tool length.

Tool offset: The relative displacement applied to the axis of the lathe in all or a specified part of a machining program whose direction of displacement is determined by the positive or negative of the offset value.

Zero offsets: A feature of the CNC system. It allows the origin of the CNC measuring system to move relative to the lathe zero points within the specified range, but its permanent zero points are present in the CNC system.

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