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Standard Parts Concept Classification

Mar. 04, 2019

Here is T Bolts manufacturer talking about Standard Parts Classification. 

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A standard part is a general term for a type of mechanical parts used to fasten two or more parts (or components) into one piece. It is the most widely used and used the machine in all sectors of the national economy. The basic parts, known as the "industrial rice", are used in a variety of mechanical equipment, vehicle ships, aircraft satellites, railway bridges, building structures, tools, instruments, and daily necessities. A significant number of fasteners, such as thousands of fasteners on a car.

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Fasteners are characterized by a wide variety of specifications, different performances, and a high degree of standardization, serialization, and generalization. Therefore, some types of fasteners with existing national standards are called standard fasteners, or simply It is a standard part.

Fasteners are usually divided into 12 categories: bolts, studs, screws, nuts, self-tapping screws, wood screws, washers, retaining rings, pins, rivets, assemblies and connecting pairs, welding nails, etc. It can be classified according to its use, material used, strength grade, shape, and surface treatment.

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