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What's The Role And Principle Of Spring Washer?

Jul. 26, 2019

Here is Alloy Steel Stamping Fasteners Parts Supplier talking about the role and principle of spring washer.

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Square Spring Washer

Locking of bolts is an important part of all types of mechanical joints. There are many ways to prevent loose bolts in life, including the use of spring washers to prevent loosening. Spring washers are often referred to as spring pads in the screw industry. So why is it used frequently? This has to be said from the role and principle of the spring washer.

First, the role of the spring washer:

The basic function of the spring washer is to give the nut a force after the nut is tightened, increasing the friction between the nut and the bolt! This is an added protective measure to prevent the loosening of the fastening bolts caused by vibration of the equipment in operation.

Second, the spring washer's anti-loose principle:

The anti-loose principle of the spring washer is that after the spring washer is flattened, the spring washer generates a continuous elastic force, so that the nut and the threaded connection of the bolt maintain a frictional force and generate a resisting torque, thereby preventing the nut from loosening. At the same time, the sharp corners at the opening of the spring washer are respectively embedded in the bolt and the surface of the connected member, thereby preventing the bolt from rotating relative to the connected member.

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