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General Requirements For The Processing Of Shaped Core Rivets

May. 05, 2019

Shaped parts refer to fasteners that do not have national standards. They are a concept that is opposite to standard parts. Today, Carbon Steel Solid Rivet Manufacturer will tell you about the general requirements for the processing of shaped parts. Shaped parts should be removed from the riser, flying thorns, etc. The residual amount of the riser on the surface of the profiled part should be leveled and polished to meet the surface quality requirements. 

Steel Blind Rivet

The wrinkles of the non-machined surface of the casting shall be less than 2 mm in depth and the spacing shall be greater than 100 mm. The non-machined surface of the machine product casting needs to be shot blasted or drum treated to meet the cleanliness requirements. Shaped parts should be cleaned, no burrs, flashing edges, non-machining indicates that the riser should be cleaned and flush with the surface of the casting. Cold insulation, cracks, shrinkage and penetrating defects and severe defect defects (such as under-casting, mechanical damage, etc.) are not allowed on the surface of the casting. The surface of the processed core rivet is not allowed to have defects such as black skin, bumps, clasps, and burrs. The surface of all steel parts that need to be painted must be removed from rust, scale, grease, dust, dirt, salt and dirt before painting.

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