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New Opportunities In The Fastener Market

Mar. 28, 2019

Here is Us Bolts Manufacturer talking about New Opportunities In The Fastener Market. 

With the rapid expansion of the Alloy Steel Stamping Fasteners Parts market, new opportunities for the future are coming. Compared to the beginning of 2017, coatings of polymetallic and multi-substrate materials have become a key focus in the industry due to increased demand for lightweight components and reduced steel use.

Alloy Steel Stamping Fasteners Parts

This requires the manufacturer to specify an effective coating for a variety of substrate materials, including aluminum, magnesium, and plastics. These coating procedures allow 

fastener manufacturers to save on machining costs and replace heavier components with lighter equivalents without compromising efficiency or the quality of the final assembly. From a technical point of view, the market will shift to more compatible multi-substrate, especially in automotive applications. This will partially reduce the weight of the vehicle and thus improve fuel economy.

In addition, as competition in the global market becomes more intense, in the context of globalization, fastener suppliers must provide products with global consistency. By maintaining comparable standards at the local and international levels, OEMs specify ZinKlad coatings to ensure that the fasteners they receive maintain global consistency in appearance and performance. In addition to improving business convenience and speed of operation, it also enables fastener suppliers to minimize product risk while improving product safety.

While the transition to lightweight components has had a major impact on the overall fastener market, the primary task for manufacturers and OEMs is to understand the application of lighter materials. An in-depth understanding of these lightweight materials and exploring alternative coatings to meet demand will enable manufacturers to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve end-product performance. For example, to ensure effective grounding, the plating on the fastener must be reliable to prevent screw insulation. By improving the evaluation process for coating applications and learning more about new materials and processes, the industry will be able to provide higher quality and uniform standards of fasteners to meet the growing and diverse industry requirements.

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