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Two Small Knowledge Of Hardware Stainless Steel Fasteners

Apr. 01, 2019

Here is 1 4 In Bolts Manufacturer talking about Two small knowledge of hardware stainless steel fasteners.

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Fasteners use stainless steel as the material, which can be said to have great advantages in all aspects of manufacturing, use or handling. Therefore, although the fasteners are made of stainless steel, the cost is relatively high, and the cycle of life is relatively short, but it is tight. The firmware solution is still a more economical one.

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Stainless steel magnetic problem of fasteners

If the fasteners use stainless steel as the main material, you should also understand the magnetic problems of the stainless steel itself. Stainless steel is generally considered to be non-magnetic, but in fact, austenitic series materials may be magnetic after a certain processing process, but if it is considered that magnetic is the standard for judging the quality of stainless steel fasteners, it is not precise.

When the fasteners are selected, whether the stainless steel material has magnetic properties does not indicate the quality of the fasteners. In fact, some chromium-manganese stainless steels are stainless steels that do not have magnetic properties. Chromium-manganese stainless steel in stainless steel fasteners is not a substitute for the use of 300 series stainless steels, especially in high-media corrosive working environments.

Use of nickel in fasteners

Fasteners used to rely on the use of nickel in the process of using stainless steel, but the price of fasteners has also been greatly affected by the global price of nickel. In order to reduce the cost pressure and improve the competitiveness of fasteners, fastener manufacturers have found alternative materials and produced low-nickel stainless steel fasteners.

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