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The Effect Of Various Elements In The Material On The Properties Of Steel

Mar. 20, 2019

Here is Stud Bolts Manufacturer talking about The Effect Of Various Elements In The Material On The Properties Of Steel. 

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The effect of various elements in the material on the properties of steel:

1. Carbon (C): Improve the strength of steel parts, especially its heat treatment properties, but as the carbon content increases, the ductility and toughness decrease.

It will affect the cold heading performance and welding performance of steel parts.

2. Manganese (Mn): Improves the strength of steel and improves the hardenability to some extent. That is, the hardened infiltration is added during quenching.

Strength, manganese also improves surface quality, but too much manganese is detrimental to ductility and weldability. 

Control of plating during plating.

3. Nickel (Ni): Improve the strength of steel parts, improve the toughness at low temperature, improve the resistance to atmospheric corrosion, and ensure stable heat.

The treatment effectively reduces the effect of hydrogen embrittlement.

4. Chromium (Cr): can improve the hardenability, improve wear resistance, improve corrosion resistance, and is conducive to maintaining strength at high temperatures.

5. Molybdenum (Mo): can help control the hardenability, reduce the sensitivity of steel to temper brittleness, to improve the tensile strength at high temperatures

have a great impact.

6. Boron (B): It can improve the hardenability and help the low carbon steel to produce the desired reaction to the heat treatment.

7. Vitriol (V): Refine the austenite grains and improve the toughness.

8. Silicon (Si): to ensure the strength of the steel, the appropriate content can improve the plasticity and toughness of the steel.

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