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Contrast Advantages Of Lock Riveting Technology And Traditional Spot Welding And Riveting

Apr. 15, 2019

Today we Steel Blind Rivet manufacturers come to summarize the Contrast advantages of lock riveting technology and traditional spot welding and riveting.


1. A wide range of lock riveting materials can be used for different materials, hardness, thickness material combination, a variety of coated materials are combined and connected with a layer of non-metallic materials such as glue.

2. The lock rivet connection has low comprehensive cost and no need to connect before and after processing; the connection process is simple, the work efficiency is high; the equipment input is reasonable, the operation cost is extremely low; the operator quality is not high, the labor cost is low; no additional environmental protection is needed And labor insurance investment, smokeless dust emissions.

3. The quality of the lock riveting connection is reliable. There is no stress concentration in the connection area, and the dynamic fatigue strength is high. The online riveting assembly quality management system has no damage detection connection quality and ensures the quality is qualified; the connection quality depends on the equipment to ensure that it is not affected by personnel.

4. Additional functions Lock riveting equipment can achieve riveting automation; connection equipment is easy to integrate with the production process automation line; set different procedures, the same set of lock riveting equipment can meet the riveting and online quality management requirements of different material combinations.

I hope that the sharing of our Stainless Steel Semi Tubular Rivet can help you.

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