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What Is The Classification Of T-bolts?

Jul. 22, 2019

The T-bolt is literally understood as the shape of the bolt is like an uppercase English letter "T", which is a good name. Do you know the clarification of T-bolts? China Heavy Hex Bolts Supplier would like to share with you.

T Bolts


1. Hafen channel steel T-bolts, the most commonly used is 45# steel, forged, quenched and tempered;

2. T-bolts for water supply systems;

3. T-bolt for T-channel, generally refers to GB37-88;

4. T-bolts for construction fasteners are mainly fixed by construction scaffolding, mainly low carbon steel production, generally with a flange nut. The most used are M12, M14 and American standard UNC1/2-13 and British standard BSW1/2-12 teeth.

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