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Know The Brushed Rivets

May. 09, 2019

As a manufacturer of Stainless Steel Semi Tubular Rivet China, we will discuss brushed rivets.

Brushed rivets are also listed as lock-type rivets and wine-cup type rivets; they are high-strength Steel Blind Rivet; widely used in automotive, electronics, electrical cabinets and other industries; wide range of use, beautiful and practical, solid and reliable.

Steel Blind Rivet

  The wire drawing rivet is a metal link with unique structure and high riveting strength and belongs to a new type of fastening component. After the rivet core of the wire-drawn Steel Blind Rivet is pulled into the rivet body, under the action of the special rivet gun head-ring cutting (protruding), the nail core breaks into the rivet groove and forms. "Mechanical external lock", locking the nail.

    main feature:

    1. High tensile and shear resistance;

    2. Earthquake resistance;

    3. Strong core lock capacity;

    4. The lock is visible and easy to check;

    5. Good sealing;

    6. Provide very powerful vibration joints

The rivet has high riveting strength, high tensile and shear resistance, and has an absolutely mechanically locked structure, so it is much tighter, waterproof and shockproof than other types of rivets when riveting. It is not difficult to find that the rivets of this type also have the characteristics of completely retaining the nail head when riveting.

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