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Belts And Oils Go Out Of The Three Major Maintenance Mistakes

Apr. 03, 2019

Today we T Bolts Manufacturer come to summarize Bolts, Belts, And Oils Go Out Of The Three Major Maintenance Mistakes.

If the car is in a mistake, it will be self-defeating, resulting in damage to the machine or a mechanical accident.

T Bolts Manufacturer

Misunderstanding 1: 

The tighter the bolt, the better. There are many fasteners connected to bolts and nuts in the car. It should be ensured that it has sufficient pre-tightening force, but it cannot be tightened too tightly. If it is tightened too much, the bolts and connecting parts will be permanently deformed, and the pre-tightening force will decrease, which may even cause slipping or breaking.

Misunderstanding 2: 

The tighter the drive belt, the better. If the belt is adjusted too tightly, it is easy to stretch and deform, and the pulley and bearing are prone to bending and damage.

Misunderstanding 3: 

The more oil, the better. If there is too much oil, the crankshaft shank and the connecting rod will produce strong agitation when the engine is working, which not only increases the internal power loss of the engine but also causes the engine oil to malfunction due to the increase of the oil splashed on the cylinder wall.

If you go to a different store every time during maintenance, the technician will make the same careful inspection of the car every time, and then handle it for you. In this way, it will take longer to spend, and it is likely to pay more. A service technician who knows the condition of your vehicle for a long time can make a clear judgment when the vehicle encounters a problem, which can help you make a wise decision.

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