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Bolt Heat Treatment Code

Mar. 18, 2019

Here is Stud Bolts Manufacturer talking about Bolt heat treatment code. 

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Chinese Pinyin letters indicate heat treatment type:

Stud Bolts B7

Z normal fire

C (general) quenching, pulse quenching, austempering

T tempering

H flame (quenching)

S carburizing

D nitriding

G" means "high frequency" quenching surface treatment

Secondly, the meanings of the above symbols all include the subsequent heat treatment in the heat treatment specification, and if necessary, quenching and tempering.

As for the pre-heat treatment, it should be determined according to the other specifications of the parts according to the corresponding specifications.

Again, the number after the symbol represents the final hardness value, the two digits represent the HRC value, and the three-digit general generation

Table HB value, nitriding represents the HV value.

Also, some areas where heat treatment or hardness are indicated on the graph.

Finally, the hardness value represented by the number is generally 5 units above and below the HRC (minimum when the number is close to 60)

Value), for 30 units above and below HB, the minimum value for nitriding. Such as:

G48 number 48 exactly represents HRC46~51

T235 number 235 exactly represents HB220~250

C42 number 42 exactly represents HRC40-45-----12.9

C35 number 35 exactly represents HRC32-38----10.9

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