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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Drawing Rivet Connection Effect

Apr. 30, 2019

Here is Steel Blind Rivet supplier talking about Advantages and disadvantages of drawing rivet connection effect.

The method of detecting the riveting effect is to use a cross-sectional observation method and a direct test method. Among the two methods, cross-section observation is the most intuitive, convenient, and effective method. The cross-sectional observation method is to divide, polish and polish along the meridian plane at the riveting point after riveting, and observe, measure and analyze the cross-sectional shape. The direct test method is the most reliable method to investigate the quality of riveting, but the operation is more complicated. Due to the lack of research on the relationship between the cross-sectional shape of the joint and the quality of the riveting, the cross-sectional observation method still relies on experience, and the reliability is not high. Therefore, research on the production of riveted joint defects, evaluation of manufacturing defects, prevention of defects, etc., has been to be carried out in order to provide a theoretical basis for the control and detection of riveting quality.

Through the above method, the effect of the rivet connection can be detected. Only when the rivet connection is tightened, the effect is good, and the quality of the product can be ensured. Rivet connection plays an important role in mechanical equipment, so it is necessary to learn how to judge the advantages and disadvantages of the drawing rivet connection.

Steel Blind Rivet

Know the brushed rivets:

Brushed rivets are also listed as lock-type rivets and wine-cup type rivets; they are high-strength blind rivets; widely used in automotive, electronics, electrical cabinets and other industries; wide range of use, beautiful and practical, solid and reliable.

The wire drawing rivet is a metal link with unique structure and high riveting strength and belongs to a new type of fastening component. After the rivet core of the wire-drawn blind rivet is pulled into the rivet body, under the action of the special rivet gun head-ring cutting (protruding), the nail core breaks into the rivet groove and forms. "Mechanical external lock", locking the nail.

    main feature:

    1. High tensile and shear resistance;

    2. Earthquake resistance;

    3. Strong core lock capacity;

    4. The lock is visible and easy to check;

    5. Good sealing;

    6. Provide very powerful vibration joints

The Black Tubular Rivet has high riveting strength, high tensile and shear resistance, and has an absolutely mechanically locked structure, so it is much tighter, waterproof and shockproof than other types of rivets when riveting. It is not difficult to find that the rivets of this type also have the characteristics of completely retaining the nail head when riveting.

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